Refresh your Space


Our days are busy trying to squeeze as much as possible with family, work and whatever “me” time we can find as well!  Leaving no time or the inclination required to spruce up your home. “It can wait” we say. Over time we become accustomed to the shortcomings of our home.  It is not until we go on holidays to take some time out do we realise how soothing and uplifting a new environment boosts your wellbeing. Of course it is the change of place and pace, but it is also the fresh crisp interior that creates a calming effect to you too!  This is notably clear when you return home and with fresh new eyes begin to see the tiredness in your own interior.

So why not create this holiday feeling to your home too.  You will be surprised it will only require a few minor changes to make a major difference.

For this entry hallway, we used a strong bold colour on the front door, added a contrasting paint colour to one wall, installed a snazzy shelf to hang/store essentials, updated the pendant light and layered the floor with a decorative rug.  All in all creating an inviting and welcoming home as soon as you stepped in.  And all it took was only four key elements to enliven what was a dull entry space.

Interior Design Dee Cottor