Renovation Tales 1


We (the husband and I) are finally about to embark on a major renovation for our long-awaited dream home.  For the very first time I will be experiencing the client’s perspective of the various challenges and obstacles that will invariably happen along the way.

Will it be harder or easier for me? I am thinking it will definitely be more testing!  Since the husband (my beloved Barry) will be project managing the works – thankfully under the guidance of a reputable builder (whew!).  The thoughts that constantly keep cropping up are: Will we work well as a team?  Do we share the same vision? Should I treat this project like I do all others?  Both being head strong people we will undoubtedly have some clashes on ideas as well as costs!

This blog will be an account of how it evolves and at the end answer the enduring question of whether “to renovate or not to”?!

The plans have been approved, the construction certificate has been issued and the house is now ready for demolition.  Let’s get started Barry!

Here are some “before” images of our house in its current state.

Street View.  Previously a boarding house.

Rear Lane View.  Yes we have lush green lawn!

Upstairs View.  And a stunning a nightscape to rest our eyes on.