Renovation Tales 3


Now that we have walls we need windows!

The front facade of our home will be restored to its former beauty with a porch and balcony graced with traditional timber windows.

As you can see from the above imagery, windows and doors make a huge impact to the architectural style of the home.  It will be nice to see these skinny little pokey windows replaced with windows of substance and style.

Barry is ever resourceful at finding pre-loved pieces at exceptionally good value. A smart move in saving money and our world!  Finding just the perfect pair of windows at Chippendale Restorations in Rozelle.

They shall be right at home, once they have been refinished with a new lick of paint and sitting in their natural environment.

Chippendale Restorations, is a real treasure trove for yesteryear gems in building materials ranging from handleware, lighting, fireplaces, ceiling panels, mouldings, window and door furniture to ornate cast iron gates.

Beware Barry – for me saving money means more to spend elsewhere!

Its all a different story at the rear side of the house whereby the house will have a definite contemporary style due to the new addition starting from the lower level through to the first floor.

Here are some progress pictures for you to see where we have started and how far we have come in our work to date.

From our architectural elevation drawing, you can see the rear facade is all glass sliders to soak up the city skyline on the ground level with a feature double height casement window to shed light into the stairwell from the basement floor.

Our bedroom window will actually be an exterior glass sliding door opening to a Juliet Balcony.  This will add an interesting dimension to the rear elevation, as will as providing a feeling of being at one with the landscape from the interior perspective.

Here are some pins to give you an idea of how the master bedroom slider will look sitting on the exterior wall and our living room sliding glass doors:-

After much sourcing and research we have decided to use Vantage Aluminium Joinery for our windows with the fabricator, Knights Aluminium Glass right at our doorstep in Marrickville.  They have been a blessing with their expertise in choosing the best sizes and styles to suit our needs, with our builder Greg also on hand to ensure we are achieving our wants! One of them being, having the sliders installed flushed to the floor to create a seamless space from the interior to the exterior. To do this we will definitely be using a product akin to the floTHRU drain system as shown in these pins.

We are having the best of both worlds when it comes to design, bringing together traditional and contemporary aesthetics to the mix – which gives me the room to have a taste of everything in my home! An ideal outcome for one who values the beauty in each.